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Kaskeloter hittades död i Tyskland, Magar FULL av plast och bildelar

Twenty-nine sperm whales were found stranded on shores around the North Sea, an area that is too shallow for the marine wildlife. Only recently were details of the animals’ necropsy released. However, scientists were deeply disturbed by what they found in the animals’ stomachs.

According to a press release from Wadden Sea National Park in Schleswig-Holstein, many of the whales had stomachs FULL of plastic debris, including a 13-meter-long fishing net, a 70 cm piece of plastic from a car and other pieces of plastic litter.



Some suggest that the animals thought the items were food, such as squid, which is their main staple. Others, however, believe that the travesty is largely a result of humanity’s shocking disregard for marine life, which has resulted in an overabundance of plastic in the oceans.

Said Robert Habeck, environment minister for the state of Schleswig-Holstein:

“These findings show us the results of our plastic-oriented society. Animals inadvertently consume plastic and plastic waste, which causes them to suffer, and at worst, causes them to starve with full stomachs.”

Nicola Hodgkins of Whale and Dolphin Conservation echoed that statement. She stated:

“Although the large pieces will cause obvious problems and block the gut, we shouldn’t dismiss the smaller bits that could cause a more chronic problem for all species of cetacean – not just those who suction feed.”

Regardless, the fact that many of their stomachs were full of pollution is a horrible indictment of humans. As has been reported in the past, 80% of the plastic which is discarded on land ends up in the oceans, where it is consumed by wildlife or swirls for years in great garbage patches. The fact that mankind – a species with a smaller brain than a whale – is responsible for such a travesty is ironic and saddening.

Until humans learn the value of living sustainably while respecting all life forms, travesties such as this one will continue to take place.

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8 kommentarer på “Kaskeloter hittades död i Tyskland, Magar FULL av plast och bildelar

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  2. Dick Nicklasson
    maj 21, 2016

    Where are the photos of the examination? Shouldn’t there be evidens to the clame?

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  3. Knut Deppert
    maj 21, 2016

    According to what I can read from the German examiners, the reason for their death was not the plastics etc in their stomachs. They just could not find enough food in the North Sea ( Still, all the amount of ”civilisation waste” is a big problem.


  4. Bjørnar Nicolaisen
    maj 23, 2016

    Authoroties around the Atlantic Ocean have allowed oil companies to hunt for oil the last 4-5 decades. From 1991 till 2011 the number of seismic blastings increased 16 times. This means that the very destructive underwater explosions not only have scared away marine Mammals and Fish away from feeding- and breeding grounds. But a lot of the food that fish and marine mammals and other species connected to the oceans – the species not able to run away from the pressure waves air guns generate, have been killed Down.

    So when species like sperm whales have their stomach’s filled with plastic and shows up where they shouldn’t show up, you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that they are desperate for food and haven’t found it. And instead of squids the sperm whales had to eat plastic shit – the garbage from the oil industry.

    You should watch the new US documentary Sonic Sea on vimeo


  5. Stephan Lutter
    maj 23, 2016

    To be precise – even though the finding is very worrying – ”only” 4 out of 13 dead sperm whales had plastic items in their stomachs. Scientists / vets stated this was NOT the cause of death. The animals followed squid farther south than usual and got lost in the shallow North Sea. They were in good health. The German sources have been misquoted repeatedly in international media in this case.


  6. Jack Skjolde
    maj 24, 2016

    It’s just another tragedy because of the f humans behavior on this planet, humans is parasites on Gaias body, and is a disaster for wildlife and nature..


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