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Is really hydropower solution to the world’s environmental problems?

As world leaders converge in Paris for the COP21, there’s real hope for action on the climate crisis. At the same time, we must ensure that any actions taken promote genuine solutions. Though large hydropower projects are often presented as a ”clean and green” source of energy, nothing could be further from the truth.

Big dams often spell disaster for the environment:

They emit as much greenhouse gas as the entire global aviation industry.
They stop rivers from acting as carbon sinks.
They make countries more vulnerable to climate change.
And they destroy critical ecosystems that climate policies are supposed to protect in the first place.


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About Bror Högbom

Är en lugn man i sina bästa dagar. Tycker om allt inom skapande så som konst, uppfinningar och musik. Driver även frågan om Kiselbristen i Östersjön på Save The Baltic-Water for Life:s blogg. Kisel ( tiamin) är en hörnsten för Östersjön. Är producent för Save The Baltics nystartade webb-TV.

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