Our goal is to save the Baltic Sea and its tributaries. By partnering with you, we see opportunities to get our message (or a partnership with you would give us the opportunity to get our message) and to make people aware of life beneath the surface. Thanks to this you could make an active choice to support biodiversity and living water.

Mr-Ms Save The Baltic Salmon fore our waters are now appointed and FishBrain’s Nordic Salmon Angler Award

 We have the honor to present this year’s winner of the Mr & Mrs Save The Baltic Salmon. This year Mr & Mrs Save The Baltic Salmon for Sweden is none other than Gunnar Westrin, Malin Norrby, Bertil Andersson and from Canada Eddie Gardner. Their works shines stronger than ever, and the water is what binds us together into a single unit and humanity. The water is what has made their quest for this year’s act for our waters. Persons in the 10’s of years fighting for sustainable water and all that it entails. Future prospects for drinkable water, as a prerequisite for sustainable food and sustainable fisheries. Without its works that go against streams, sea, waterfalls, mountains and valleys, we will lift their actions. Water fore life and holy waters. Along with Fish Brain announce we also heroes from Nordic Angler Award.

Sponsor av miljöhjältar i 4 år Umeå | Tfn: 090–14 80 95 | Fax: 090–14 80 45

Sponsor av miljöhjältar i 4 år
Umeå | Tfn: 090–14 80 95 | Fax: 090–14 80 45

——–<”((((((>{  ”For the people by the people”. }<((((((”>———



Gunnar Westrin Ekologi från tidig skolålder

Klick on Gunnar Westrin
Ekologi från tidig skolålder


Klick on Bertil Andersson För hållbart fiske och uppfinningsrikedom

unnamed (1)

Klick on Malin Norrby Rent vatten, ren luft samt en hållbar miljö

Eddie Gardner Tireless wild salmon warrior.

Eddie Gardner
Tireless wild salmon warrior.


<”((((((>{   FishBrain’s Nordic Salmon Angler Award 2014   }<((((((”>

Awarding five Nordic Catch and Release anglers who are promoting sustainable and ethical angling on the FishBrain mobile app community. FishBrainers have caught 1106 Atlantic salmons by this date and released 1095 of them!

Download the ( to follow sustainable fishing!




GetAttachmentFishBrain Supports Save The Baltic Salmon, how about you?

Get involved, read the Blog!


FishBrain helps you know where and when to go fishing and recommends which baits to use, as well as allowing you to follow your friends and fellow anglers locally and everywhere. All you need to do to keep your own fishing log is to take a catch photo- the app will record the location, time and weather stats automatically. The location can be kept secret from other FishBrainers. Download for FREE at!






Honesty and fairness in all instances! fishing is not a right just a duty to care. Imagine what Norrland could deliver! based on Mörrums salmon fishing versus 300 mil living river! this should logically be able to supply 5 billion in tax revenue from live river! Former chef and chef looking for new challenges in life! Do you have a dream job in your pocket, do not hesitate to contact me! Ärlighet och rättvisa på alla instanser! fisket är ingen rättighet bara en skyldighet att vårda. Tänk vad Norrland kunde leverera! räknat på Mörrums lax fiske kontra 300 mil levande älv! detta borde rent logiskt kunna leverera 5 miljarder kr i skatteintäkter från levande älv! Fd Köksmästare och Kock som söker nya utmaningar i livet! har du dröm jobbet i fickan tveka inte att kontakta mig! Är även en utvecklare av hållbart fiske genom min wobbler tillverkning, kika in på sidorna nedan. Ring gärna +46730425517

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