Our goal is to save the Baltic Sea and its tributaries. By partnering with you, we see opportunities to get our message (or a partnership with you would give us the opportunity to get our message) and to make people aware of life beneath the surface. Thanks to this you could make an active choice to support biodiversity and living water.

Det är dags att reglera skulden!

Till alla er sanna vänner av den vilda laxens rätt till sin egen existens! Jag tror knappast att någon här har missat den utsatta situationen den vilda norska laxen står … Läs mer

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Mr-Ms Save The Baltic Salmon fore our waters are now appointed and FishBrain’s Nordic Salmon Angler Award

 We have the honor to present this year’s winner of the Mr & Mrs Save The Baltic Salmon. This year Mr & Mrs Save The Baltic Salmon for Sweden is … Läs mer

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