Our goal is to save the Baltic Sea and its tributaries. By partnering with you, we see opportunities to get our message (or a partnership with you would give us the opportunity to get our message) and to make people aware of life beneath the surface. Thanks to this you could make an active choice to support biodiversity and living water.

Salmon Are Sacred

Salmon Are Sacred

This Salmon Are Sacred Facebook page is intended for serious, open and respectful discussions and information sharing associated with the impacts of open pen salmon feedlots on wild Pacific salmon.

Our efforts are guided by the precautionary principle which has been ignored to date by the open pen salmon feedlot industry as well as by federal, provincial and state governments.

Salmon Are Sacred Facebook page members around the world include conservationists, fishers (tribal, commercial, recreational), public health professionals, marine biologists, business leaders, concerned individuals and more.

New members are welcome. We are at moment ower 7000 peaple involved.

Salmon Are Sacred Facebook administrator team will determine whether or not member requests are approved and whether a member is removed from this page due to inappropriate/offensive posting.




Honesty and fairness in all instances! fishing is not a right just a duty to care. Imagine what Norrland could deliver! based on Mörrums salmon fishing versus 300 mil living river! this should logically be able to supply 5 billion in tax revenue from live river! Former chef and chef looking for new challenges in life! Do you have a dream job in your pocket, do not hesitate to contact me! Ärlighet och rättvisa på alla instanser! fisket är ingen rättighet bara en skyldighet att vårda. Tänk vad Norrland kunde leverera! räknat på Mörrums lax fiske kontra 300 mil levande älv! detta borde rent logiskt kunna leverera 5 miljarder kr i skatteintäkter från levande älv! Fd Köksmästare och Kock som söker nya utmaningar i livet! har du dröm jobbet i fickan tveka inte att kontakta mig! Är även en utvecklare av hållbart fiske genom min wobbler tillverkning, kika in på sidorna nedan. Ring gärna +46730425517

Thank you for your comment! :-)

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