Our goal is to save the Baltic Sea and its tributaries. By partnering with you, we see opportunities to get our message (or a partnership with you would give us the opportunity to get our message) and to make people aware of life beneath the surface. Thanks to this you could make an active choice to support biodiversity and living water.

Experimental deep sea mining is risking the seafloor areas

Canada based mining company Nautilus Mining has plans launch the world’s first deep-sea mining operation. The underwater mining business is starting to grow and the seas holds more than 2/3 of the world´s mineral resources (gold, copper, silver, zinc and other metals).

Deep Green resources plan to do deep-sea-mining outside Hawaii and Nordic Mining in Norway has plans to start mining outside Jan Mayen and Svalbard.

This is seriously threatening the ocean life thats why the mining companies work hard to convince the public that the environmental issues are being sufficiently addressed. The hope for the nature is to get the costal nations to protect the environment by strict restrictions.

Please stop the deep-sea-mining before it starts:

Give your name to this petition:


More information:


  • Here is the Greenpeace report of underwater mining


  • More about the norwegian under-sea-mining project:

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